Follow ancient Cretan culinary routes in a unique gastronomic journey that celebrates fresh flavours and ingredients gathered from the land around us.

Cretan diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world. That's why here at Paralos Irini Mare we welcome you each day to gastronomic feast. The uniqueness of each meal lies in the quality and freshness of the ingredients, all produced in local farms and cooked in a traditional Cretan way handed down through the generations since ancient Minoan times. Cretans love these ancient routes rich in flavours and aromas and consider them the key to longevity. At Paralos Irini Mare, we don't just want you to experience the wealth of the Cretan diet but also take you on an unforgettable gastronomic journey that will boost your energy levels every morning, bring a wow to your mouth at lunch and a smile of satisfaction at dinner before closing your day in south Crete. This is a big part of the Cretan way of life.

Crete. Where wellness meets pleasure.


We take great pride in our rich culinary heritage and are delighted to share the resources of our wonderful land with you. DISCOVER


Boost your energy every morning with revitalising fresh fruit smoothies and juices, omelettes prepared with fresh eggs, a variety of delicious Cretan cheeses, Greek yoghurt produced in small, family-run farms, figs, pomegranates and medlars from the hotel's groves. DISCOVER


Take a break from the sun and dive into a refreshing lunch feast under the shade of our beautiful trees. DISCOVER


A true celebration of Greek and Cretan cuisine, Paralos Irini Mare's dinner menu is created by eminent chef Giannis Baxevanis DISCOVER


Discover our handpicked selection of Cretan wines and cocktails at our three inviting bars. DISCOVER