Agia Galini means "Holy Peace" in Greek. Just as the name promises, the tranquil coastal village and namesake beach won’t disappoint travellers looking for a peaceful retreat in South Crete.

Originally a sleepy fishing village, Agia Galini became a popular destination with the flower generation in the '60s, drawn by its charming local character and varied amenities. Today about 650 locals call it home.

Situated in the fertile valley of Messara, framed by rugged mountains - among them Psiloritis, Crete's highest mountain - and the deep blue Libyan Sea, Agia Galini is a go-to destination for nature lovers. Its award-winning beach lies only 100 metres from Paralos Irini Mare Resort's entrance. Head east towards the bridge, where the river Platis meets the sea, for scenic snapshots or west for a stroll through the village, with its choice of shops, traditional tavernas and cafes.

According to Greek mythology, Daedalus and Icarus used their fabled waxen wings to escape King Minoa of Knossos right here. You'll find two statues dedicated to the legendary father and son pair next to Agia Galini's hilltop amphitheatre, set against ample views of the harbour.