Paralos Irini Mare

A four-star hotel in Agia Galini on the south coast of Crete

Experience Crete's casual luxury in a refined environment totally immersed in nature overlooking the Libyan Sea.

Surrounded by sweeping hills that stretch all the way to the pristine Blue Flag beach of Agia Galini, Paralos Irini Mare offers a relaxed lifestyle for families and couples.



A stone's throw away from Agia Galini's award-winning beach, the family-run Paralos Irini Mare Holiday is a friendly, deliciously relaxing getaway an hour away from Heraklion International Airport - an ideal jumping-off point to explore South Crete's gorgeous sands and ancient landmarks.


Book directly with the hotel to get the best rates, exclusive deals and more, and maximize the Paralos Irini Mare holiday experience, such as a bottle of extra virgin olive oil from our hotel’s groves, one free lunch-a-la-carte per person, 20% discount in the first massage per person.


From a breakfast buffet fully stocked with fruits from the fertile land of Crete and some from the seasonal harvesting of the hotel’s groves, local bread, cheese, and honey, to inspired Cretan dishes for an unmissable dinner experience curated by the renowned Greek chef Giannis Baxevanis, we celebrate the island's rich culinary heritage one delicious dish at a time.

We cook exclusively with our signature extra virgin olive oil from Paralos Irini Mare's groves near the Minoan palace of Phaistos. Check out our three live cooking stations for a glimpse into favourite Greek cooking rituals, savour Mediterranean gastronomic delights made with seasonal ingredients, and get plenty of inspiration for unique dishes that will give you a taste of Crete long after you’ve returned home!



Our team will gladly help you design extraordinary travel experiences that will make your holiday in South Crete truly unforgettable. From ultimate relaxation to scenic, sun-drenched explorations, a wide range of free and paid options invite you to sample the best this multifaceted Greek island has to offer.

Try your hand at painting indulge in a massage session, or wander through ancient ruins and soak up the local culture in one of our highly recommended sightseeing trips. At Paralos Irini Mare Holiday Resort, every day is a new experience.


Paralos Irini Mare is the perfect stay to explore Crete's countless historical, natural, and cultural treasures in a truly memorable Greek holiday experience.

Discover your Crete, from dawn till dusk, in the diversity of its landscape. The rugged mountains, the endless beaches and the turquoise seas, the stunning countryside, the buzzing cities, towns, and villages - the heartbeat of the island.