We take great pride in our rich culinary heritage and are delighted to share the resources of our wonderful land with you.

The farm-to-table experience is more than a buzz word at Paralos Irini Mare. Our meals are a true Cretan experience prepared with exceptional care, where you'll discover the quality of local produce - from fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables picked from the nearby groves to artisanal honey harvested from the island's buzzing hives, meat from the local shepherds and freshly caught fish from the fisherman of Agia Galini and around the island.

We like to call our producers by their first name, create long-lasting collaborations, and bond with them by sharing the same passion for quality food. Our choice of "zero kilometre" (proximity) products guarantee true freshness and authenticity.

At Paralos Irini Mare Resort, the experience of refined cuisine is a promise to our guests. Since 2021, we've started collaborating with the famous Greek chef Giannis Baxevanis, who has created an all-day menu (breakfast, lunch and dinner) that pays true homage to Greek and Cretan cuisine. Our delectable dishes are prepared exclusively with extra virgin olive oil from the hotel's groves. By using high-quality local produce – and even the homegrown produce of Paralos Irini Mare in fruits, veggies and herbs-, we aim to bring you a creative blend of healthy and delicious Greek dishes - from our land to your table.

Get a glimpse into the kitchen of a traditional Greek home with three live cooking stations and enjoy exceptional food and wine that offer an unforgettable taste of Cretan tradition.