Nature lovers must take a walk along the paths of Paralos Irini Mare to discover more than 30 kinds of herbs, flowers, and a variety of trees - just check the wooden name tag - that grow in our colourful gardens. Some have been growing here since before the hotel was built, while others have been added along the way. In addition to this, you can explore our organic vegetable garden, where Cretan mountain tea for your morning cup grows alongside thyme, oregano, lavender, fruits and vegetables that the valley of Messara - where Agia Galini is located close to - is famous for.

Our olive and fruit groves close to Vori and Phaistos provide us with extra virgin olive oil and our seasonal production of medlars, figs, apricots, pomegranates and lemons. This nature's abundance that the land of Crete provides us we love to share with our guests.
We grow and sustainably cultivate all our groves and gardens using eco-friendly methods and products, a practice we are very proud of.

Insider tip: The big olive tree by the children's playground is more than 200 years old. Take a snapshot on the bench around it to make a lasting memory!