Our Gardens

Century-old trees, shrubs and fragrant gardens shade this sunny hillside haven ideal for nature lovers.

Surrounded by sprawling hills and lush Mediterranean gardens cascading down to the pristine beach of Agia Galini, Paralos Irini Mare offers a stunning natural backdrop to your stay.

Imagine relaxing and unwinding in a natural setting filled with fragrant Cretan herbs and flowers, iconic palm trees, orchards, and a two-century-old olive tree that will awaken your senses. Some have been growing here since before the hotel was built, while others have been added along the way. In addition to this, you can explore our organic vegetable and botanical garden, where Cretan mountain tea for your morning cup grows alongside thyme, oregano, lavender, fruits and vegetables that the valley of Messara - where Agia Galini is located close to - is famous for.

Walk along the paths of Paralos Irini Mare and look for our 200-year-old olive tree by the children's playground and take a snapshot on the bench around it to make a lasting memory.

We are very proud of our gardens, and going green is in our DNA. We maintain a garden full of indigenous trees, flowers, and herbs that not only make a beautiful landscape but also add flavours and aromas to our creative cuisine. Strolling around, guests realise we are committed to applying eco-friendly gardening routines and non-toxic practices that lead us to a greener lifestyle.


The highlight of any summer stay at Paralos Irini Mare Resort is none other than our four pristine swimming pools –in addition to 16 private pools- surrounded by colourful gardens that gracefully blend in with the beautiful landscape.  From our 200-year-old olive tree and palm trees, which were planted on the hotel's opening year, to the newly planted baby mulberries, guests can relax under natural shade. This is the reason why garden umbrellas are avoided.

Unwind your senses at an iconic set-up where design and style blend harmoniously with the surrounding nature. Wooden luxurious gazebos and sunbeds add elegance and comfort to the beautiful exteriors surrounding our pools.

Paralos Irini Mare Resort has four public pools -one with a Jacuzzi-, a kids pool, one in the "quiet zone area" for those seeking more peace of mind and relaxation and the main pool. All pools are sanitised through a UV-light and salt electrolysis system, minimising the use of chlorine or similarly harsh chemicals.

Since 2021, the pools have been infused with magnesium mineral, which has been proven to be very beneficial for the skin, hair, muscles, and overall well-being.

Operating hours 07:00 -21:00